Young Adult Project & Fellowship

IMG_20160225_204339265 (2) Last night a handful of young adults gathered at TLC to continue the work of redeeming the downstairs parish hall.  It was a great time of fellowship, food, music, and painting.  It is exciting to begin to really see the transformation take place!  The basement has been in some need of repair for a while now, and this is not only an opportunity to do that work, but also to come together and share in a common goal–to experience the joy of re-creation and the energy of new ministry possibilities.

This project idea was spurred out of the inspiration to hold a once-a-month young adult Coffee House.  The mission of the Coffee House will be to offer a time to fellowship and growth as a community, a place to bring friends, and a place to support each other in creativity.  The hope is to have coffee and refreshments, music, board games, and spaces for working on projects, using and developing different gifts.  We want to come together as a community to spur one another on toward beauty, goodness, and the love of Christ. More information about the “Third Thursdays” Coffee House will be coming in the weeks to come.

IMG_20160225_204910549_HDRWe hope the renewed Parish Hall will bring joy and blessing to not just the young adults, but the many ministries who use the area, including the Men’s Breakfast/Bible study, the Karen Sunday Service, and VBS!

A special thank you to Tom DeBerry and Neil Peters for their carpentry and construction work on the walls and “coffee cart”.  What a blessing!

Looking forward to keeping you all updated as the project unfolds.

-Young Adult Ministry