Lent & Laundry

Lent is tough as a parent with young ones all exploding in their toddler and babyness at home in a glorious blaze of humanity’s dependence, chaos, and beauty all at once. How to find those reflective moments…? This year I’m determined even if the moments are small. My heart feels so distant in all of the distractions, responsibilities, and exhaustion,  yet I ache to get close to my Father and Savior.

Tonight I let my heart sneak away and drift to His feet while listening to Cory Asbury (link below) as I folded some laundry.  I was initially speeding through trying to find clean jammies for little bedtimes while my husband, Mike, so lovingly played with these little burning stars (our children).  I caused myself to slow down, breathe, and find my Father’s face. No words to say, just a moment to be and listen. Feeling the cloth between my fingers, smelling the freshness of the fibers, reflecting on a growing boy’s shirt size and the tininess of my daughter’s socks… Just letting myself be present to my life here and now, and letting God show me His story in mine, Letting myself be humbled. Letting myself feel all my thankfulness until it almost hurt with the vulnerability of it. All this in a moment, folding…and unfolding.

Father, may I find many moments like these in this precious season. A blessed Lent to all (even to those who don’t observe it) may it bring blessing to all the restless aching hearts of this world.

Find your moments. Even in the busy.

-Lauren Warren
TLC Community Blog