Pastoral Reflections

This coming Sunday, the Church year turns to Epiphany. It is easy to think, as some folks historically did centuries ago, that the inclusion of all nations in the salvation plan was an afterthought. But, no! God called people of other nations to participate in the Christmas story. So, we read of the Magi in Matthew 2:1-12.

Epiphany means manifestation. In the Christian calendar, it is the season that comes right on the heels of Christmas when we recognize the revealing (or manifestation) of Christ to all peoples – as King. It is also called a season of light for this reason, because Christ’s light shines throughout the whole world. It is a time when our worship recognizes the message of the Gospel being to all nations and peoples – from East to West.

As we step into Epiphany, which in many ways continue the Christmas story, may our hearts remain prepared and welcoming for the One who has been sent for us and for all – despite the kinds of places that life has found us before now. In some ways, Epiphany is an ongoing reality in a disciple’s life. Through our joys and agonies, in our young age and as we grow old; His Light, which is ever present, grows ever brighter as we journey on as disciples.

Rev. Donald Nwankwo