Lenten Meditations: Turning Them Over

Pastoral Reflections

Believe it or not, several years ago at Lent, I searched myself and decided the most sensible thing to give up for Lent was worry. And I tried. It may give you some context if I mentioned that this was the year following my college graduation; and I thought there was so much to worry about.

Fasting, giving up something, is a longstanding Lenten tradition. Thinking back now, I am not sure how to argue that giving up worry qualified as fasting. I chuckle to myself as I now ask… was I planning to take it back up at Easter? Let’s save our meditations on the discipline of fasting for another week though.

But things like worry, fear, disappointment, deep concern about a need, a persistent sense of dissatisfaction, pain, grief, need for healing; does Lent have a place for them? I believe so. There is a different kind of ‘giving up’ for which I see that the spirit of Lent makes room. We can ‘give them over’, turning them to the cross of Christ. We bring them to the One who bore our sins on the cross, carried our pains, and shared in our ordinary struggles.

On Sunday we will have a special service for healing prayers. Prayer ministers will be available during the service to pray with people following the Communion. They are gifted by the Spirit and trained in the administration of this ministry. Whatever it is that weighs on your heart, I encourage you to bring them with you as we gather on Sunday. Let’s turn them over to the cross on this 3rd Sunday of Lent.