Turning to Holy Week

Pastoral Reflections

I have sometimes wondered what a classic “prosperity preacher” would do with a liturgy like the Holy Week. For four weeks we have walked the wilderness of Lent as our eyes turned, with our Savior’s, toward Jerusalem. We have one more week to go, then Holy Week.

Holy Week brings the Lenten journey to a climax through a series of liturgies that enable us to participate in that journey with the Master. He neither stopped nor detoured away. He persisted, fully knowing what awaited Him. The liturgies gather and express a range of complex emotions – grief, somberness, silence, recollection, wonder, watchfulness, but also eager expectation, gratitude and celebration. It pours them all out on the altar of worship.

The paradox of participation in the Holy Week is that in coming along with Christ on this journey, we are brought to a renewed comprehension of His coming alongside us in our mortal journeys. He loved us to the very end. There is no love greater than this!

As we turn to Holy Week, please take some time to reflect on his fierce, dauntless love for you. Love that took up suffering. Love that endured the pain. Love that left no reserves. Love that would win the redemption at all cost. Love that upturned the normal. Love that caused the Son of God, Himself immortal God, to take up flesh and confront death. A story that never before was, and never again will be. This is His love story, and ours.