A People Called: The Story of Church from Ephesians (week 1)

Pastoral Reflections

Each New Testament letter that was addressed to a church is unique. So much of that uniqueness is shaped by the specific contexts of that church. First and Second Corinthians were written to address specific situations within the Corinthian church of the time. So was Philippians. But, it is this very point that gives Ephesians a different type of uniqueness. It was not responding to a specific situation or solving a particular problem within the church. Paul steps back largely to look at God’s design for this creature called Church.

Another way to put it is that Ephesians offers us an anatomy of church. It does so from the standpoint of the Triune God which then connects the story into space and time as we know them. Paul weaves the church’s story (I should say, God’s story with the church) from the unseen to the seen.

This is significant. As the humans we are, our senses shape our perception. The church we often see with our eyes becomes the church we know in our minds. Mercifully, through this letter, God offers us a robust picture, allowing us to come eye to eye with Him on this divine project called church. A supernatural figure embodied by natural, imperfect people. A divine agenda lived out in local, tainted conditions.

I encourage you to join us as we begin the series, A People Called: The Story of Church from Ephesians. We will explore Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. As we do, my prayer is that God’s Spirit may enable us, TLC, to locate our micro-story within the mega-story of Church as authored by God. We will begin this coming Sunday, August 4, with the introduction to the series.

Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
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