Overcoming Fear

Pastoral Reflections

I had always wanted to go to Israel, but the truth is I was afraid. That is until our son planned a trip and insisted that we go. I do not feel that any other location I have visited will have as great an impact on my life as this one. However, this week as reports of rocket fire between Israel and the Gaza Strip are in the news, I was reminded of how close I came to not going on this venture due to fear. I thought about how many times my fears have kept me from trusting in God and enjoying the abundant life that God desires for me.

I am not saying all fear is a bad thing as it protects us from harm. I’m also not talking about reckless fear that would ask God to use supernatural power like the Devil did in tempting Jesus to jump off a tower. I’m talking about the kind of fear that limits us and holds us back from growing as Christ’s disciple.

Each time, I overcome fear and step out in faith, I grow in learning to trust God. Trust is the courageous confidence that despite the possibility that suffering and evil, terrorism, conflict, or numerous other things may happen, I can trust that God’s plan in Jesus Christ cannot fail. Therefore no matter what the outcome, God is with me and will give me all I need to face any challenges, and I need not fear even death for even then I am in his hands.

In following Jesus’ foot prints of his ministry in Israel, I gained a new understanding of his complete trust in the Father and of his obedience to Him. Danger and rejection surrounded him at all times and yet he fulfilled his mission. He lived life to the fullest. We are called to do the same.

Peggy Murray
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
4000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80219