Thankful for You

Pastoral Reflections

Thanksgiving Day, Nov 2019
God blesses us with uncountable gifts for which we are thankful.
This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for each one of the TLC family.
I am thankful for the warmth of this family
And for the big hearts of these saints.
I am thankful for burdens shared together
And for prayers offered by one for the other.
I am thankful for each volunteer that came out
And for the partner who picked up the slack at home.
I am thankful for the generosity of the people
And the gift of those who strive to manage it well.
I am thankful for the numerous gifts expressed here
And for our vulnerability in authentic relationships.
I am thankful for each leader and ministry
And the fruits borne, with or without their knowledge.
I am thankful for times of laughter and good humor
And for the love of God’s people in days of sorrow.
And, oh yes, I am still thankful for a new boiler
But, boilers don’t get the last word, therefore…
I am thankful for God’s gift of His Son to us
And for His Spirit among us.
Happy Thanksgiving to you
From the depths of my heart.
Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
4000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80219