In the Small Places

Pastoral Reflections

Christmas is big. It’s even big outside of the Christian tradition. Arrays of decorations, special colors and lights. Its own music genre. Dedicated commercials and sales. Galas. Splash events.
But, as you already know, that was not how it started. I like joyous (even sometimes, big) Christmas celebrations. Yet, something about Christmas always takes me back to the manger where it began.
All through Scripture, God has a way of beginning in the small places when He encounters us. In an age of ancient, mighty kings and empires like Egypt, Babylonia and Sumer, I still do not know how God scoped out Abraham somewhere in Ur of the Chaldeans, with a plan to make him into a nation and give him a name that would outlive kings of his time. That’s just one instance.
And so, when God comes to the incarnation, as if it wasn’t enough that He already chose the likes of Mary and Joseph to parent His Son, His eyes were set on a manger for a maternity room. Some of the lowliest, least attractive corners of this earth. He is the God who looks with favor upon the commonest, even invisible, places of His creation.
Somewhere in that original story, God sends a message to the lowly, forgotten, sometimes messy lives of this world. He casts light upon the hidden, unattractive corners of this earth. If it seems like the spectacular of Christmas just doesn’t fit you this year, remember – the Giver of Christmas finds us, wherever we may be.
May your heart be lifted in hope. He sees you. He finds you. May He come to each of us, even in the small places of life.
Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
4000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80219