Seasons and Cycles

Pastoral Reflections

I recall my first winter in the US. I should say, late Autumn. We lived in a town home and Becky was insulating the windows against draft.
I asked, “Why all that trouble, isn’t shutting the windows enough?” [Remember that I grew up in Nigeria, i.e., without winters.] She tried to explain how cold things get here during winter. A little draft can alter a lot inside the home. She was preparing for the new season.
As we moved from Ordinary Time to Advent in the last week, I thought to myself, “If anyone understands new seasons, Anglicans do.” We get to practice by default. By observing a liturgy that follows the life of Christ, we invariably celebrate the diverse seasons of His life and of the redemption story.
We have been listening for the Lord’s leading as we look toward a new season in our community. A season to intentionally shape targeted ministry to families and intentional outreach beyond our walls. I have learned from my first winter here and watching my wife, the benefit of preparing ahead for a new season.
One of the ways to prepare is through prayer. I want to request us all to make time to soak TLC in prayer in the weeks and months ahead. We cannot do without God’s hand in this! Pray for clarity of vision and His grace in it. Please pray for God’s protection upon TLC as we dream and dare together. I also want you to pray for the hire for the new role we are looking to fill (due to Peggy’s transition toward retirement). I am convinced that this role is best structured to fit right into this season and vision.
Let us seek God’s grace and favor together, through prayers.

Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
4000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80219