There’s a River

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This song spoke to me today because if there’s anywhere I’ve been walking this past year, it’s been the desert. If there’s anything I’ve been, it’s been dry. It’s been thirsty…

Recently, God has brought me (and my family) to a great Table. Here it is before me, and yet I have been hesitating. Can I drink? Can there really be a gift like this? After all my stumbling and with all my emptiness? I truly have nothing to give—nothing to bring here.

But if I really believe that He says, “Come ALL you who are thirsty…” Then I think maybe that means me too. And so even though I’m not sure how, or with what strength, I think it’s time I step towards His outstretched arm with trust and cup my hands to His Living Water and drink.

I’ve been thinking, somehow, that I can only approach if I’m already filled…but the truth is , after this long hard journey, I’m starving. And what His Word tells me, if I listen, is something more like, “Come, let me feed you. Only, please come take a seat.” Maybe even I hear the Spirit saying something like, “I’ve been waiting.”

So if you want to find me, I’m going to be heading down to a River, in a desert, beside a Table filled with grace, hoping to sit for a little while and drink and be fed…so I can come back to Life, Who I’ve been missing dearly.

-Lauren Warren

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