Palm Sunday Testimonial

Palm Sunday at home with our church via Zoom! So thankful for our Pastor Donald’s sincere, compassionate, and passionate heart during not only this important season of the Church Calendar, but through this season of humanity and pandemic.

Each Sunday we have been refilled with love and joy, renewed peace and hope. We have not once really been alone because of our God, our community of faith, our families and friends connected through the bizarre yet essential means of technology.

This Sunday in particular, I was fighting back tears. Tears of gratitude and also of lament. I feel so thankful that I can be comfortable to enter into both with our TLC family. My dear friend, Sarah, reminded me that the name Hosanna means safety and shelter–even rescue.. how very appropriate and meaningful during this time.

Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest! Our divine Savior and Shelter.

-Lauren Warren