The Glow of Easter

Pastoral Reflections

Lent is a dark season, full of repentance and lament. Easter is a contrast. We celebrate. We rejoice. (In some places, we dance.) Most of all, we live in the light.

On Easter Sunday, the first day of Eastertide, the Christ candle is lit, as it was on Christmas. Christ is with us. He has finished His work of defeating death and lives the resurrection life. As the Easter season continues, we continue to have the Christ Candle shine as we worship.

In the Gospel readings of Easter we will learn more of the heart of the Risen One and His love for us, His people. We, as those living on this side of Pentecost, know the full picture, but we, too, must sit at Jesus’ feet and lean into the relationship that He describes.

We are the doubters, the ones with closed eyes. He is our Evidence and Eye-Opener. He is the Shepherd; we are His sheep. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; we are people of the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He has not left us as orphans. He intercedes for us.

This year Eastertide meets us in a place of wide-spread darkness and fear. As people of hope and life, we must take on the living Christ and His peace as we live in these days of lockdown. By this, I don’t mean to say that we go about “life as usual,” ignoring stay-at-home orders and wise practices, but I do mean that we allow God to shape and guide our thoughts, our very identities, during these days. We look to Him for hope, for peace, for comfort, and yes, even joy.

May you find ways to bask in the glow of Easter and share it wherever and however you can. Reflection by Becky Nwankwo__________________________________________________________________________________________
Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
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