Updated COVID Guidance

Dear TLC Family,
You may have heard the news about the reinstatement of a mask mandate in the Denver County for gatherings. This mask mandate affects church gatherings as well.
Our COVID Response Team continues to do their job, which is to assess conditions in view of government guidance as well as our congregation’s safety. At this time, in compliance with county mandate and to ensure the health and safety of our congregation, we will require masks for our church-wide events including Sunday worship. This is the only requirement at this time. The team plans to meet again soon to assess all other related aspects and discern our response for the next short term.
This means that we will be required to wear our masks as we enter the building for worship beginning this coming Sunday, Nov 28. This requirement applies to all persons three years and older, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, since we cannot prove that we are a fully vaccinated facility (i.e., a gathering with up to 95% vaccination level).
We will continue our current practice of ventilating the sanctuary during our gatherings. Please dress for cooler temperatures.
The Bible clearly calls us as God’s people to both respect authority and care for each other’s welfare. We know from the last 18 months how these issues (masks, distancing etc.) have become a cheap weapon in the enemy’s hands to cause divisions even in communities of God’s people. But Paul reminds us in 2 Cor. 2:11 that we are not unaware of his ploy. When we gather, our objective remains to bring worship to the Lord and have fellowship with each other. Temporary inconvenience that helps us to achieve both while reducing risk of the COVID virus-spread among ourselves is wise.
Leaders of smaller group gatherings will need to prudently assess the factors prevalent in their own groups. Some groups are small while others may be relatively large. Keep in mind that the mandate requires masks unless you have proof of up to 95% vaccination among attendees.
The role of the COVID Team has been to serve our church family by finding the prudent balance between our safety and continued vibrancy of our gatherings during these unusual times. They have walked this line with diligence, wisdom, and love for our community. I am grateful for their ministry.
Let us continue to lift our parish, our state and nation, and the world in prayers as we seek to put the pandemic behind us.
May you rest under the protection and peace of the Almighty!