Advent Reflection #2

As we look to an “invasion of holiness this season,” let’s reflect on a prominent messenger in Advent.

“See, I am sending a messenger to prepare the way before me.” Malachi 3:1-4. Messengers from God come to interpret the signs of the times for us. The prophet Malachi uses some strong words to describe the actions of God’s messenger: he will come suddenly, refining, cleansing, and purifying. This is how God prepares us and God’s ways are not always comfortable.

The messenger is John the Baptizer, an unlikely choice for a prophet. He has come to announce the promise of God’s reign. But the great announcement is not from a VIP in centers of power, but a wild looking messenger from the wilderness who proclaims a “baptism of repentance”. He preaches that we are to turn our lives around to prepare for the Lord. We are to clear the way for God’s coming. 

During Advent, John is urging us to remove the obstacles, the boulders, and bumps, that block the work of God’s Spirit. The church years ago set aside these four weeks as a time of preparation. It is a penitential season. A season where we remember that each day we are to be ready for Christ’s second coming.        

As we await what is to come, and as we experience Christ in the present, may our hearts and minds be cleared of the garbage we have accumulated and may they be fully open to the Spirit working within us preparing us to meet Jesus Christ with great joy now and on the last day.
Peggy Murray
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
Denver, Colorado