Advent Reflection #3

The third Sunday of Advent is often called “Rejoice Sunday.”

Last week we remembered the prophet, John, whose message was repentance. Repentance clears out the obstacles, the boulders, and bumps, that block the work of God’s Spirit. The result is gratitude and joy. Repentance sets us free and reorients us to being the people God created us to be. 

Christ has saved us, and we can trust in him and not be afraid. He is our stronghold, our sure defense. The love of God has cleansed us and created a right spirit within us, and his love bursts forth and flows out of us. The Lord has renewed us with his love, and we can’t help but rejoice.

In our gospel reading from Luke this coming Sunday, the recently baptized, ask John the Baptist. “What shall we do?” They have repented and wish to bear good fruit. His answer is “live with a spirit of generosity.” Just think of how acts of generosity change our home life, our work life, our community, and our world. 

A generous spirit forgives easily because they have been forgiven. A generous spirit is patient and kind because God has been patient and kind with them. A generous spirit listens and has compassion because God has softened their hearts. A generous spirit gives freely of themselves and of their resources out of gratitude for all they have been given. A generous spirit finds no need to hold on tightly to money or possessions, because they recognize that treasures on earth are temporary, but treasures stored in heaven are eternal.

When we turn ourselves toward God, the self-centered voice within is replaced with God’s love, and unleashed in us is an invasion of holiness that brings unimaginable joy.

Zephaniah 3:17a
May the Lord rejoice over you with gladness and renew you with his love.

Peggy Murray
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
Denver, Colorado