What do sleepy shepherds and bright-eyed Magi have common?
Epiphany. God reveals His Son to the world – Jews and Gentiles alike.
The giving and receiving of gifts are a familiar feature of Christmas celebrations. On Christmas morning as our family gathered in the living room, Becky and I watched with such fascination at our children’s reaction to their Christmas presents. Each one took their boxed present with a mix of excitement and curiosity, shook it to try making a guess, and eventually unwrapped it to see exactly what it was.
At Christmas we received God’s Gift of His Son for us. At Epiphany God unwrapped the identity of this Gift before the world. Epiphany simply means manifestation. We begin the journey of knowing who Jesus is, and what His coming means for us.
There is a sense in which the journey of Epiphany is continual. On one hand, Jesus continues to reveal Himself to us, His followers. Yet on the other, He extends Epiphany by revealing Himself through us to the world.
As we know Him more, we are changed, gradually but assuredly, into His likeness by the work of the Spirit. He reveals Himself to us and through us today. This may manifest in our words, in the way we love, by showing up where our presence is needed at just the right time, in our tears shared with the other, in our laughter joined with the other’s, in the little things and the big things.
And who knows… maybe someone near us may just get the sense they have been near Him.
Happy Epiphany!
Donald Nwankwo
The Light of Christ Anglican Church
Denver, Colorado