The Vestry is the governing board of the Light of Christ with oversight of the temporal assets and governing policies of the church. To do so for a spiritual body, however, is to seek spiritual guidance in prayer and to be concerned with the well-being and spiritual development of the church members. Those who wish to serve on Vestry are asked to be men and women who are devoted to prayer and the study of scripture, to be active in the fellowship of TLC, and to be regular in worship. Five to 12 members are elected by the membership of the church to serve on the Vestry for a period of up to three years.


2016 Vestry Bio’s

2009 Steering Committee NominationsI am Neil Peters and this was my third year serving on the TLC Vestry. I am humbled to have been asked to serve as your Senior Warden beginning in 2016. My wife Margie and I have been members of TLC since the merger with the Anglican Church of the Sprit (ACTS). I am originally from New Jersey but attended Colorado State University where I met my wonderful wife. We have been married for 45 years. It was in Fort Collins that we joined the Episcopal Church-my roots were in the Christian Reformed Church and Margie’s were in the Catholic Church. It was a change for both of us, but we have enjoyed the liturgy, spirit-filled worship and Biblical teaching at our churches, especially TLC.

We have two grown boys and three grandchildren. My career was spent in various human resource positions in state government and I continue to work in that field two days each week which gives me time to care for our granddaughter, work in my wood shop, ride my bicycle and travel. We also have two three-year old puppies adopted from the Dumb Friends League.

I have been involved in Cursillo, Alpha, and a number of Bible studies over the years including leading Precepts Bible Studies. I have been a Senior Warden at Christ Church Denver and ACTS. Currently I am a Lector, Chalice Minister and Prayer Minister at TLC. Our congregation is a great group of committed people and we are fortunate to have an anointed and loving Pastor and staff. I hope that we can thrive as a church and provide the monetary support for our clergy, staff, outreach and the programs that we value. My prayer for TLC is that we can be a vibrant, sprit-led, discipling church and to that end I would be honored to serve as a member of the TLC Vestry. I would add something I recently read, “It’s not how many people come to your church that’s important, it’s how much their lives have changed because they came.”

2009 Steering Committee Nominations

My name is Pam Munter. My husband Dean, and I have been married for 24 years. We have been members at TLC since 2000. Prior to that, we attended St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.

We have two sons, Ethan (22) and Jared (21). I have worked for Thomson Reuters for the past 27 years in several positions, currently as an account manager.

I was a member of TLC’s Vestry from 2005-2008. Currently, I serve as a Chalice Minister and run the soundboard at the early service. I am a member of the Women’s Bible Study Group and can’t express what a blessing their friendship, support, and spiritual wisdom have been to me over the years. My faith has strengthened and grown since I came to TLC and I am constantly renewed and energized by the compassion and spiritual depth of this parish and its people. I would be honored to serve on the vestry and pray for continued growth, financial security, increased support for our current ministries, and for new ways where TLC can be the hands and feet of Christ in this parish, community, and the world.

2009 Steering Committee Nominations

My name is Michael Warren. My wife Lauren and I have been married for 5 years and we brought our first son, Hosea Jacob, into the world just two and a half years ago. We have been attending TLC since the Spring of 2011, just 6 months after we got married, so we really feel like the community here has watched and helped us become a family from our very start. What a blessing!

I work as a graphic designer at a small print shop here in Denver that prints for many ministries who do work here and for God’s Kingdom around the world.

I am an artist who loves many forms of art and am always seeking for greater avenues to use my artistic talent. I want the work I create to have purpose and significance not only for me personally, but for those who receive and observe it. I believe this is an important part of who God created me to be and the gift He’s given me to bless others. My family and I are so thankful for TLC, and it is with prayer, humility, and gratitude that I seek this opportunity to give and serve this church.

2009 Steering Committee NominationsMy name is Dean Ogawa. I have been married to Lisa (formerly Lisa Bailey) for about four and a half years. Lisa has been a member of TLC for the past thirteen years and I became a member after our marriage. I moved to Denver from Colorado Springs. While living in Colorado Springs, I was a member of Springs Community Church for about ten years. I have one son, Kris, who is twenty six years old and currently living in Denver.

I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1975. I attended CU on an Army ROTC Scholarship. Upon graduation, I attended Law School at Gonzaga University School of Law. I was licensed to practice law in Colorado and proceeded to fulfill my military obligation. I was a judge advocate in the JAGC for four years. I then returned to civilian life and practiced law for twenty years. I then received my teaching license and taught on Fort Carson at Patriot Elementary School. I currently teach as a substitute in the Denver Public School system in the southwest area of Denver.

The Light of Christ has been my church home since moving to Denver. It is a perfect fit for me and fills my spiritual needs. Lisa and I have been working with the Karen families for almost two years through both TLC and Lutheran Family Services. We serve mostly as English tutors. I also drive one of the vans once a month bringing the children to Christian Education. From spring to fall, I help Keith Lusk and Kimo Hutton who take care of the lawn mowing needs of the church. TLC continues to help fill my heart with the love of Christ. It would be an honor to serve Christ as a member of the TLC Vestry.