Author: Peggy Murray

Grief and the Holidays

Kelly Poag, a member of our congregation and a Christian counselor, wrote the attached article for Westwoods Community Church members, and wanted to also make it available to TLC members. It’s a simple, but helpful article that is aimed at helping people who are grieving this holiday season, or, for those who care for someone

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Overcoming Fear

Pastoral Reflections I had always wanted to go to Israel, but the truth is I was afraid. That is until our son planned a trip and insisted that we go. I do not feel that any other location I have visited will have as great an impact on my life as this one. However, this

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A Senseless Death?

Pastoral Reflections Recently, I cried at the death of a man whom I had never met. He was the father of three young daughters who, in essence, died as a result of excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. Adopted at age 12 he strived to fit in with his new Christian, middle-class family. He used

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