We Wait

We enter the season of Advent, the season of waiting.  The world enters too, into that physical manifestation of waiting. Cold has settled into our nights and days, and though the sun is still shining most afternoons, life has taken it’s leave–has fallen asleep and sinks deep into its earthen roots. We see this reality

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Faith Like a Child

Fall is always filled with family activities for us.  It’s our favorite season and we have many traditions that we look forward to all year.  Recently our family visited a pumpkin patch/fall festival that was hosted by a garden center.  Our 5 year old, Hosea, loved all the activities, rides, and games they had set

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Purpose in Each Season

Wonderful conversations with my niece over tea, sharing grief and broken dreams remind me of the deep truth about seasons.  As Fall finally emerges it brings with it a glowing, colorful, richly spiced reminder that even death can be beautiful. We can know this and hold to this hope because we believe that roots run

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun day. Dressing in green, eating green treats, or maybe drinking a good Irish ale. I love it especially because the majority of my heritage is Irish and it’s a joy to celebrate where we came from …BUT… aside from all the crazy parties and parades that have come

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Lent & Laundry

Lent is tough as a parent with young ones all exploding in their toddler and babyness at home in a glorious blaze of humanity’s dependence, chaos, and beauty all at once. How to find those reflective moments…? This year I’m determined even if the moments are small. My heart feels so distant in all of

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