Pastoral Reflections

A Family within a Clan

Pastoral Reflections Our clergy from TLC are getting ready for the Diocesan Gathering beginning Monday. As we prepare, I am reminded again of the nature of our (Anglican) Communion and what it means to belong to the Anglican clan. The diocesan gathering is an annual occasion where clergy and lay representatives from parishes within a

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Dreaming with MLK Jr.

Pastoral Reflections The more I come to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), the more his message grows in clarity for me. I used to think MLK’s ultimate dream was improved citizenship rights and equal justice for Black Americans. There was certainly that, but it was more. MLK’s words, “I have a dream that

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Between Faithfulness and Success

Pastoral Reflections Chuck Colson was once known as President Nixon’s hatchet man. He served as special counsel to Nixon and even became looped into the Watergate Scandal when he was counted as one of the Watergate Seven. He was driven by success and results. Later, he had an encounter with the Gospel and was radically

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The New Year and the Gift of the Past

Pastoral Reflections The New Year, by default, propels us to look ahead. It is a season that revives our dreams and reboots our goals. So, we tend to make new year resolutions looking forward. These are appropriate. But by extension, we can be tempted to discard the old year as something past and behind. We

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Pastoral Reflections This coming Sunday, the Church year turns to Epiphany. It is easy to think, as some folks historically did centuries ago, that the inclusion of all nations in the salvation plan was an afterthought. But, no! God called people of other nations to participate in the Christmas story. So, we read of the

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